Significant costs goes into the development of company documentation, whether the document is an engineering report, workflow instruction, business development strategy, project execution plan or other mission-critical document.

The content, quality and appearance of company documentation creates a lasting impression on readers. One measure of a well written document is a lack of questions from the target audience regarding the topics covered in that document.  Poorly written documents often result in questions that require explanations to readers that should have been in the original document.

Whether for internal use or distribution to clients, effective documents conform to rigorous standards, which define the document’s content structure, writing style, format, revision methodology, distribution requirements and other factors.

Well-structured professional documentation builds a positive impression of the company’s capabilities in its industry. Continued implementation of effective and consistent document standards is vital to retaining existing and attracting new clients.

For more on this topic, read the Zaetric white paper: “Document Standards Development – Image and Quality in Business Communication”. If you are experiencing document standards challenges, contact the author for assistance at [email protected].