Document Management Evaluation and Support

ZAETRIC provides project document management evaluation and support for small to medium projects and business operations.

The technical scope, specifications and records of an engineering project normally take the form of drawings, textual documentation, data sets and other recorded information which define the project’s engineering and operational requirements.

The contract between the project parties normally contains a list of documentation and data which quantifies the project documentation requirements.  These documents are the project’s contractually deliverable documentation and are produced, reviewed and approved in accordance with an agreed and rigorously-managed schedule, and document workflow.  Adherence to this schedule and document workflow is often subject to commercial incentives and/or penalties.

Managing contractually deliverable documentation in accordance with an established project schedule and document workflow is crucial to a project’s commercial success.  Document workflow and status tracking is normally managed by the document originator’s project management group and is separate from any internal document control function.

Document workflow is the interaction between the project parties (buyer and seller) involving the creation, issuance, review, revision and approval of deliverable documentation.  Figure 1 provides a basic explanation of typical project documentation workflow steps.


Figure 1
Document Workflow Diagram

ZAETRIC can evaluate an existing document management process or establish a new process to monitor and control document workflow.  ZAETRIC creates process procedures and training documents with its technical writing services.  Once approved, the document management process can be set up and administered by either ZAETRIC or client personnel.


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