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This blog offers technical & business information and recommendations or experiences of the author on topics related to technical writing, business process management systems and printing / binding.  The articles are based on the authors’ 40+ years of experience on the topics discussed and are intended to be informational and thought provoking.  Content is for practicing professionals involved or interested in the topics being discussed.  Send questions or inquires for support to


Documentation Deliverables – often underestimated

Documentation Deliverables – often underestimated

Why the Importance? I touched on project document control in a previous blog. This article drills down on that topic in the area of contractually required documentation (documentation deliverables). Documentation deliverables are an integral part of most equipment or...

Project Document Control – a bit overwhelming?

Project Document Control – a bit overwhelming?

Congratulations! Your company received the largest engineered product and services contract in company history. The promised delivery is half the normal time necessary to do the work, there are 300 document deliverables, 6,000 pages of specifications and liquidated...

02-Mar- 2021


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